Thumbs-up from another excited reader!

The excited reader (pictured) is actually just good old Minka Braunias, 10, the author's daughter, at one of four posters created by the awesome folks at Phantom Billstickers. There are two on Lincoln Road, another at the Henderson shops, and a fourth at the New Lynn shops.

Luncheon Sausage Books publisher Steve Braunias explains, "Phantom got in touch and said they felt like making some posters for my book. I said, 'Golly! How much?' And they said, 'Nah bro it's free, we just feel like doing it.' Altruism! Incred! So they made four and they put them up in the first week of July at four venues in west Auckland, where the book [The Man Who Ate Lincoln Road, the subject of this website in case you hadn't noticed] is set. Thank you so much Phantom Billstickers - your cool!

Architectural note: the posters are on a structure known as a bollard. The bollards are the exclusive property and brainchild of Phantom Billstickers; they're 3.2m tall, with a deep concrete base, withstood the Christchurch earthquake, and were designed by ... legendary architect Ian Athfield. Wow!