Luncheon Sausage Books is proud to announce -

*Lily Max* Slope, Style, Fashion

the second book in the popular Lily Max series, by Queenstown writer Jane Bloomfield, will be in book shops October 2016.


This book takes Lily Max on a fun, fashion-filled adventure on skis ...


'I thought you said you could ski, Lily Max?' says Violet. Like my outfit just screams CANNOT SKI or something.

Exuberant young fashionista Lily Max finds herself in a major predicament on the first day of school skiing. Miss Sprotts is totally NOT COOL with her radically modified ski outfit - and everyone is about to discover she's an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. When an ad appears for the Snow Festival's fashion show, Lily Max is confident she has time to create a stunning collection, and learn to ski. But with her arch-rival and queen-of mean Violet Hughes scheming to beat her, can all her crazy dreams come true.

Jane's witty, wildly entertaining second book features spectacular illustrations by New Zealand artist Guy Fisher, who lives in Barcelona.







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